Truck Electronic Solutions            Check !!!New Product!!!

                     We repair and rebuilt your IDM or ECM for Medium and Heavy Truck. 


        Send me your faulty unit with your defect note and I will repair it and send it back to you fixed within 24 or 96 hours of receiving it. I give warranty. 
       Models: ECM Cummins Celect & Celect Plus for L10,M11 and N14.
                      ECM International DT466 & T 444E.
                      IDM 7.3L Ford Power Stroke.
                      IDM 7.6L NAVISTAR (International).
                      FICM 6.0L Ford Power Stroke.

 If you have any question please contact me at  
e- mail:
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I don't replace and reprogram your unit I just repair, up-grade and test it at level components.

The only issue is if the unit has the board burned , I cannot repair it.

Don't risk further damage to the unit, send it to us and get it done right at the first time. 

IDM Ford 7.3L

IDM Navistar

ECM International  



!!!NEW!!!  FICM 6.0L


The IDM ( Injector Driver Module ) is used in conjunction with the PCM to sequentially control power to the Fuel injectors on the 7.3L diesel engine.
It is a high energy power supply which acts as an energy distributor to provide regulated injector energy and control to the unit fuel injectors. There are different models like Ford IDM 100, IDM 110, IDM 120...from 1994 through 2003.

It is an IDM NAVISTAR for International Truck DT 466 & 530 E from 1995-1997. This unit works similar as Ford 7.3L Power Stroke, but has different the software and input pins. These units aren't interchangeable.

This unit is a ECM ( Electronic Control Module ) for International Truck DT 466E, 530E & T 444E from 1997 until 2005,  The International T444E is a four cycle 8 cylinder diesel engine and is commonly used in trucks and buses. The DT 466 is a four cycle in line 6 cylinder diesel engine and has 7.6L displacement. This ECM is on - board computer system that controls the opening and shutting of the intake and exhaust valves of an engine.

ECM CUMMINS CELECT & CUMMINS CELECT PLUS  are computer for L10, M11& N14 Engines.
These have different P/N:
Like Celect 3084473; 3618046; 3619037....
       Celect Plus 3096662; 3408300; 3408303...and others

The FICM 6.0L drives the fuel injector solenoids based on fuel and timing commands from the PCM. It uses engine speed and position signals (CKPO, CMPO) to determine when the injectors need to be activated.
It internally generates 48V used to drive the injector solenoids.

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